• Our team is composed of younger but experienced experts with doctoral degrees in international business and other fields from reputable universities in the European Union and the United Kingdom.
  • Our broad knowledge, doctoral-level research and analytical skills, and highest proficiency in English, among several other languages, ensure top quality service.
  • Each team member has at least ten to fifteen years of work experience on various EU-funded projects and innovation grant schemes.
  • We have particularly specialised in the EIC grant schemes, having significant grant-winning success rate.

Our team leader is Dr Željko Bellina. He has the following qualifications:

  • a multidisciplinary international business-oriented doctoral degree from the University in Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU), done entirely in English
  • wrote several academic papers in the sphere of international business in the English language, published in international economic journals and at conferences
  • 15+ years of experience on various research and analyses, grant/project proposals, and technical writing in English
  • experience in EIC grant writing and project cycle management
  • double license for writing EU-funded project proposals and managing project cycles.