How we work

Step 1: Project evaluation

Since EIC grants are highly competitive, prior to making an offer we will evaluate whether you are a suitable company for one of the grant programmes offered; in other words, whether you have good chances of winning a grant.

If we evaluate that your project has promising chances of winning the grant, then we will advise you on project planning, budgeting, and investment opportunities.

Step 2: Proposal writing

We will write your project proposal. After each of two drafts preceding the final submission-ready text, we will request from you to give your comments and suggestions.

Step 3: Interview preparation

Once we project proposal was accepted, we will prepare you for an interview with the jury.

Project management assistance

Once the project is finally accepted, we will assist you in administrative matters leading towards the signing of the contract of the contract. Based on your needs, as a separate service, we also offer business consulting during project implementation, writing project reports for the EIC, and commercial/business diplomacy services upon entering the market.